Every American family should have a trusted integrative doctor. Many in the Blaze family rely on Brett J. Earl, MD from Denali Performance Clinic in Salt Lake City.”

Last hope before surgery?

Amazing All Natural “Knee, Back, Joint And Muscle Oxygen Pain Treatment” Gives You Your Life Back And Makes You Feel Young Again!

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Nikola Tesla’s Patented Invention Of The Oxygen/Ozone Machine Provides Nearly Instant Pain Relief For Chronic Bad Backs, Knees, Shoulders, Herniated Discs And Every Other Joint and Muscle. Even Better…

Over 75% Of Those We Have Treated Say Their Pain Never Comes Back…They’re Pain Free!

Have You Tried Everything For Your Knee, Back Joint and Muscle Pain?

If you have ever wanted to find a non-surgical long lasting fix for your arthritic, bone on bone knee and joints, SI pain, degenerating joints, or herniated disc, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why ...

There is now a completely all natural (and ultra-effective) treatment that works when nothing else has worked and it works when you need it most. News of this “Joint and Muscle Rejuvenation Treatment” (it’s a first in “integrative” medicine breakthrough in many years) is spreading like wildfire all across the country!


The answer is easy. You see, this combined joint and muscle rejuvenation treatment is extremely powerful and yet very simple. It produces extraordinary results with absolutely no drugs or surgery whatsoever. It’s has no side effects, is fast acting and has no recovery time. But the best part about the joint and muscle rejuvenation treatment is that it…

It Works! It Takes Away Your Back, Knee, Shoulder and Joint Pain!

Then there are man-made disasters. Medical mistakes are the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. topping 400,000 unnecessary deaths each year. And never forget about the overwhelming number of complications and infections one gets from surgeries along with the side effects from the harmful painkillers and steroids.Since the traditional method of dealing with these medical problems are all “connected,” one crippling mistake starts…

A Cascading Downward Spiral In The Medical Maze.

Your friends will be clueless with their back and joint pain, expecting Obamacare and insurance to “fix it”. The truth is, we are extremely vulnerable to all kinds of medical mistakes and harmful side effects from pain killers and steroids that can create temporary or even permanent damage to you. That’s why you are one of the few Americans that have eyes to see and ears to hear with respect to the ineffective dis-ease care. In fact, Obama and the conflict of interest laden FDA continue to promote ineffective solutions that cause our health insurance to rise sharply (and steadily) with more rate hikes to come in the near future. That’s why you need to…

Meet Brett J. Earl, M.D.

Dr. Brett J. Earl is a Board Certified Physician with over 15 years of experience in his field. Dr. Brett J. Earl received his Medical Degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. He has been published numerous times and serves on various Medical Boards in Utah and his clinical expertise includes Ozone, RenuO2 Procedures, PRP Injections, Nutrition, Ultraviolet light IV Infusions (UBI), Supplement Optimization and IV Recovery and Rejuvenation. After practicing Emergency Medicine for 15 years, and noting the benefits and limitations of traditional western medicine, he opted to study and practice integrative medicine. He focuses on restoring health, preventing illness, and avoiding prescriptions and surgeries wherever possible.

Dr. Earl currently practices integrative medicine specializing in athletes and weekend warriors at his clinic, Denali Performance Clinic. Dr. Earl also served as a Life Flight Helicopter Physician and a Tactical Physician for the city of Toledo, Ohio SWAT team. Dr. Earl is married with six children. He enjoys farming, travel and all sports and played college baseball.

The Doctor's Medicine Bag to Recovery

The Back And Joint Treatment consists of three main components which work together to create a very efficient and effective solution to your pain. The miraculous “RenuO2” pain reliever, muscle aligning, Neural Muscular Matrix Optimization, Acupuncture and IV Nutritional Therapy.


So what is this RenuO2? It’s a modification of Prolozone™ which was a modification of Prolotherapy, which involves targeted injections of natural substances like glucose or saline. These solutions cause temporary inflammation, which stimulates your body to heal. It works in areas where most treatments can't do anything, such as your joints, ligaments, and cartilage. They won't heal very well, because unlike muscles, they don't have a blood supply to bring them oxygen. Prolotherapy injections irritate the area just enough to stimulate a temporary blood supply to repair the injury.

And Prolozone™? It's an amazing treatment developed by my colleague, Dr. Frank Shallenberger. He used prolotherapy for years, but, like Dr. Robert Rowen and me, was frustrated with the pain and the large number of treatments needed to see complete healing.

So he decided to try using an oxygen/ozone gas mixture instead of the prolo solution. The treatment essentially directs oxidation, my favorite therapy, to the affected painful area. This induces your own body to actually heal the problem.

The Integrative world saw absolute miraculous recoveries from pain. Conferences were held for Integrative MD’s. One after another of the doctor participants underwent ozone injections for various ailments. Most of the participants saw their pain reduced by at least 80% instantly.

And RenuO2’s advantage? It takes Prolozone™ to the next level by using the anatomy advantage. By using a different injection method, the ozone mixture is able to treat a larger area in a shorter amount of time with better results.

By modifying prolozone™, we can supercharge the treatment. RenuO2 heals much faster, which means fewer injections and less pain.

You might ask how could there be instant relief of pain endured for years. Well, first the area is anesthetized with procaine, a local anesthetic. A pinch of vitamin B12 and folic acid is added to the procaine. These vitamins stimulate the DNA of cells to get in action for a longer-term fix. Now here's the amazing thing. Procaine typically lasts only about 15 minutes. Yet the pain relief lasts and lasts. How could that be?

Let's consider the obvious – oxygen. After the numbing medicine, a small amount of gas is injected. Because of the procaine, the injection is virtually painless. It's all oxygen, but a small amount is the highly active oxygen called ozone. Any area of pain and injury is begging for oxygen. That's because oxygen is the most critical nutrient for energy production and healing. Without it, cells simply cannot repair. They might languish in an injured state for years, or eventually die. The oxygen alone can get the cells going. It stimulates them to excrete waste material, and promotes their ability to repair themselves and the tissues around them.

RenuO2 works by providing energy-producing oxygen to the innermost parts of your joint. This is where ozone, which I call the miracle healer, does its magic. Ozone is a powerful stimulant of cellular growth factors, such as Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-B). This powerful cytokine activates cartilage cells to produce matrix proteins necessary for the body to make the white cartilage substance.

TGF-B improves matrix protein arrangement. It protects the surface of the cartilage. It modulates the activity of enzymes that dissolve other proteins and compounds that are involved with inflammation. That's a 1-2-3 punch for healing. Injecting ozone in or around the joint stimulates tissue regeneration, a buildup of antioxidant enzymes and a reduction in inflammation. Can it actually regenerate your cartilage? I've seen knee X-rays that show a definite increase in cartilage thickness. So, yes, it really does regenerate cartilage.

Ozone reacts almost instantly with the membranes of the cells it contacts. The oxidation of the membrane jump starts the cells. Immune cells are particularly responsive to ozone. They will produce a cascade of powerful healing chemicals called cytokines. These are the very short proteins immune cells use to talk with each other. Immune cells not only provide protection against infection, they also clean up debris and modulate inflammation.

Research has connected arthritis and chronic pain to subclinical infection. While ozone stimulates cells, when it comes into contact with microorganisms, it kills them. In other words, this non-toxic therapy can kill microbes on its own, and stimulate your immune cells to kill them as well. When delivered directly to a painful area, the combination of oxygen/ozone provides the stimulation to repair while simultaneously providing the essential oxygen to energize them.

RenuO2 injects a gas which easily diffuses to a much greater area. That promotes widespread stimulation, even to areas that are not in direct contact with the needle. RenuO2 achieves results in just one session. There's almost no lingering discomfort with RenuO2.


Neural Muscular Matrix Optimization (NEMMO) is a definitive and direct treatment of common joint and muscle conditions experienced by almost all people. NMMO notes considerable benefit in active and sports minded people increasing their performance and decreasing injuries.

NMMO Practitioners can prevent injuries by examining and identifying instabilities in the body indicating muscular imbalances or weaknesses. These injuries cause joint misalignment or instability and lead to injury. The therapies utilized in NMMO allow for rapid corrections and of these imbalances and misalignments resulting in improved function, decreased or removal of pain and an overall improved level of performance.

The developers of NMMO note that often the primary cause of chronic joint, muscular, and fascial pain is due to muscular overuse, injury, or unintentional shutdown. These functional imbalances eventually lead to chronic wear, breakdown, and pain. By identifying these issues and correcting them using NMMO therapies, healing and rehabilitation can take place. This recovery eliminates the need for drugs or surgery.

Discover for yourself why top athletes and people from all over the world are willing to utilize the NMMO specialists at Denali Performance Clinic.

IV Nutritionals:

Over 92% of Americans don’t get the nutritional vitamins and minerals that are needed for prolonged and sustained energy and health even with healthy eating, taking multiple supplements. IV Nutrition Therapy is the fastest and most efficient way for your body to get what it needs. By adding customized vitamins and nutrients directly to the blood stream, you are able to create rejuvenation at the cellular level. It creates abundant and sustained energy.

IV Nutrition Therapy has been a staple in wellness care since the 1950’s and is common among health enthusiasts and celebrities because it rejuvenates depleted nutrients nearly immediately. When delivered intravenously, vitamins and nutrients are ensured that they are absorbed completely in the body. Because there is no waste, it is the most cost effective way to supplement.

Oral intake of such high doses is simply not possible due to absorption limitations from the digestive process. Patients can get up to 10 times the nutrients in one treatment as they could get orally in one day.

A good example of this is the use of Vitamin C when trying to overcome a cold due to some sort of virus. The antiviral effects of Vitamin C are seen when blood levels are around 10-15 mg/dL. This level is achievable with IV therapy but not orally. Oral dosage typically peaks with blood levels around 1.2-4.0 mg/dL vs. IV therapy of 50-90 mg/dL.

Scientific evidence has demonstrated that a variety of conditions can benefit from the use of IV nutrition including Colds and Flu, Stress, Detoxification, Inflammation and offers you increased energy, anti-aging, weight loss, immune stimulation and replenishes vitamins, minerals and amino acids that have been depleted in all of us.

Migraine Reset

New 15-minute in-office procedure that was patented in 2013. Provides most patients with immediate relief of headache pain. One treatment may last weeks or months. Most patients are able to resume their life and do away with their medications. Safe, Easy, Comfortable, Quick & Effective.
No pills, No shots, No pain!

Compare to Traditional Medicine

In fact, when you compare this treatment to standard medical protocol of cortisone shots and surgery, the difference is pretty remarkable. Here’s why. First, cortisone is only temporary…once you get three shots, it causes diminishing returns and no longer works well. I say that because how many people have told you that each time they get another cortisone shot it doesn’t work as well and it lasts for a shorter and shorter period of time.

Generally there's concern that repeated use of cortisone shots may cause deterioration of the cartilage within a joint. For this reason, doctors typically limit the number of cortisone shots into a joint and even more so in the spine. Cortisone shots carry a risk of complications, such as:

  • Death of nearby bone (osteonecrosis)
  • Joint infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Thinning of skin and soft tissue around the injection site
  • Temporary flare of pain and inflammation in the joint
  • Tendon weakening or rupture
  • Thinning of nearby bone (osteoporosis)
  • Whitening or lightening of the skin around the injection site

But the number one reason you don’t want to be caught in a time of crisis with only traditional methods of care is…

The Risk Of Having Lifelong Complications From Surgery Is Too Great!

Yes. It’s true. When your back goes out, you’re left with whatever doctor happens to be on call in ER to administer any pain killer available just to give you some relief. A little relief sure but then it’s quickly back to lasting pain.

And the cost! The typical knee replacement surgery is now over $55,000. By the time you pay your thousands in annual deduction plus your 20% co-pay, you would be paying over $15,000 plus your time off work, risk of infection, months of rehab and on and on…

Look…I could go on and on about life after back fusion or knee replacement and what a nightmare it can be. But here’s the bottom line. Denali Performance Clinic is offering an amazing back and joint pain treatment that can provide lasting pain relief and rejuvenation of joints naturally. And the best part is that you can have your life back quickly and safely without ever missing a day of work or time with the things you love most.

It’s the fastest and healthiest solution to pain.

When the pain gets too bad… you’ll be darn glad you didn’t hesitate.

And, Denali Performance Clinic doctor Earl can get you back to pain free living very quickly and affordably so you’ll be ready to bring on whatever life has in store without worry.

A True Breakthrough In Natural Knee and Back Treatment!

Let me try to explain the features and benefits of our Knee and Back Treatment as simply as possible. If I could have you in the clinic right now, you would immediately understand what all of the fuss is about. But I can’t do that. So, here are some of the reasons why you’ll want to get our Knee and Back Pain Treatment right away:

#1: Maximum Pain Relief in Minimum Time – I cannot emphasize this enough. The Knee and Back Treatment gives most some pain relief even after the first treatment. Then, all you have to do is start living again!

#2: Pain Relief When You Need It Most - It’s been called the most remarkable pain reliever I’ve ever seen for a reason. When you don’t have time to be slowed down by pain, this is the fastest and most effective treatment in the world.

#3: - Replaces Harmful Drugs and Surgery – No harmful side effects, non-surgical, no recovery time means no time off work or play.

#4: - Generates Lasting Results. Pain melts away for most. The treatment directs oxidation to the affected painful area. This induces your own body to actually heal the problem.

#5: – Solution to Multiple Chronic Pain Problems - Our exclusive treatment can be used for relief with osteoarthritis, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, meniscus tears, tendinitis, bursitis, disc herniation, bulging discs, spinal arthritis, bone on bone joints, frozen shoulder, bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, unresolved pain from past injury, sports Injuries

#6: – 1-2-3 Punch for Healing - Tesla’s Ozone/RenuO2 stimulates tissue with a reduction of inflammation.

#7: - Life-Saving Quality of Life Improvement When You Need It Most -. Quick in and Out appointments for your convenience and fast relief.

#8: - Prevents Future Painful Problems. NMMO predicts and may even prevent future problems by activating shut down muscles through pressure point activation. It fixes muscle imbalance, instability, and alignment or the spine and muscles.

#9: - Accelerates Healing – Maximize flexibility, mobility and stability by integrating the structural, chemical and electromagnetic systems of the body.

#10: - Relief Right Here In America – There are over 40,000 Ozone/RenuO2 Physicians in the world but only 350 practicing in the US. Dr Earl is considered one of the top specialists in the country in this protocol and is the ONLY Medical Doctor in the state of Utah that specializes in this exceptional therapy. 

You’ll feel a whole lot better knowing that your pain relief may be solved without harmful drugs or surgery. Unlike most “sheep-like” Americans, when the pain is unbearable, you’ll be ready. In fact, if you’re like most previous Denali patients, you’ll even sleep a little better knowing that if you or a loved one is ever stricken with joint or back pain, they will have a reliable integrative clinic with proven treatments that really work. It feels great to be empowered and in control of your health and that of your family.

“Finding a trusted integrative doctor has been a miracle for me. I went from doctor to doctor and had more questions but no answers. Integrative medicine worked when nothing else did. It can work for you.”

I am excited to give Glenn Beck listeners just like you the opportunity to be treated with the latest and most effective natural back, knee, joint and muscle treatment in the world. In a sense, it’s a true work of art in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. But make no mistake; it’s not a work of art that ANY other clinic can perform like Denali Performance Clinic. We are experienced, practical and an extremely functional clinic offering results safely and quickly in a relaxed and dare we say… fun environment.

Watch this video that shows what one treatment can do for a degenerative knee:

“New ‘Highly Effective’ Pain Treatment Designed For Even The Worst Cases of Degenerative Knee, Back and Muscle Pain…Perfect Non-Surgical, No Side Effects and No Recovery Time Treatment for Ultimate Pain Relief!”

(Must Be Seen To Be Believed)

So how much is this Back, Knee, Joint and Muscle Treatment? Well….one patient friend of mine told me she couldn’t even put a price on it. For her it was the peace of mind of living without pain and being able to enjoy playing with her kids and outdoor activities with her husband.

Loving Life Means Living Pain Free!

The Clinic Value for this Treatment is $725

But we’re not going to make you pay that much. Instead we have structured a very special offer for our friends in the conservative world:

The Special Pain Relief Treatment Packages Includes:

  • History and Exam from World-Renowned Ozone/RenuO2 Denali Team of Doctors.
  • Analysis, Diagnosis & Review of Findings
  • Radiology Review (When Applicable)
  • One RenuO2 Injection for Fast Pain Relief

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Save Half-Off Off Clinic Rates!

That's $725($825 for backs/necks) worth of treatments (at Clinic Pricing Value) in this Special Pain Relief Treatment. Anyone who wants to live pain-free ...can be, while we have appointments open...

The treatment is worth much more than that. But since we combined these amazing techniques, we've got to let everyone know about it. Especially folks who believe that life in this country under Obamacare is going to get much more difficult in the not too distant future. Folks who see the critical need for true health care.

In an emergency, getting out of that debilitating pain is the highest priority.

Denali Performance Clinic and True Balance Testimonial

By Laura H.

It doesn’t make sense that I am able to do what I do every day and not encounter back pain. Actually, it doesn’t make sense that I am able to do what I do at all, even if pain was part of the package. According to my latest MRI, and every single one before then, my spine should render me incapable of anything but a very boring life filled with repetitious phrases of “Oh, I can’t do that,” and “I need to take it easy.”

Now 34 years old, my back pain started during my teenage years. By 19 I had my first major back surgery to repair a ruptured disk (the kind of rupture that causes paralysis, including a number of other ugly problems). At the time I was diagnosed with severe degeneration of the spine including three other herniated disks, and eventually an annular tear and calcification build up. Everything I loved to do was put on hold. My horses became fat and lazy. My hiking shoes were put away. Fast forward several years. I had visited countless physical therapists and neuro and orthopedic surgeons, been poked by who knows how many needles, and the pain had done nothing but intensify. Every sneeze sent me to the ground, doubled over in pain, and sometimes all it took to send my back muscles into rabid spasms was to step an inch too far. And then in the spring of 2007 I received a huge surprise package, my oldest son, and a year and half later we received yet another, an even bigger surprise package: my twins, a boy and a girl, whom I carried to term…12 pounds of baby.

As you can imagine, by this time my spine was fried. And I was getting desperate. Not only was I struggling to take care of my own children, but I wondered if I would need to give up the other things I loved most in the world, namely my horses and other farm animal, and my very active life style. I pushed through the pain when I could, but the episodes when pushing through just wasn’t an option were getting more and more frequent.

But then I found Dr. Thyfault, and later Dr. Earl.

I remember my first visit to see Dr. Thyfault very, very well. To be more precise, I remember the car drive up to see him very, very well. I remember crying, even screaming in pain (because siting, especially in the car, was my worst enemy) and even having to physically pick up my right leg with my hands to move it from the gas pedal to the brake pedal because not only was the pain too intense to lift my leg without assistance, but also because my legs had become so weak that I could hardly lift them on their own. Fast forward to the end of the visit…I drove home with minimal pain, finally able to breathe deeply for the first time in weeks! Every visit afterword gifted me pain relief beyond description! And then when Dr. Earl’s injections were introduced, that was the buttery, creamy frosting on the cake. He told me I’d feel like a million dollars, and he wasn’t kidding. Those injections are little miracles in a syringe.

Present day, I wake up every morning and breeze through my farm chores, work and ride my horses (including a BLM mustang I acquired last fall), chase my three crazy kids around, take them to Lagoon and ride every single ride, mow my lawn, vacuum my floors, dig holes where they need to be dug, and when my husband wants to go on some crazy hiking or boating adventure, I’m totally in. I don’t even worry about my back any more. I don’t need to. I don’t care that it doesn’t make sense that I am not in pain. I’m just very blessed that I found the right people who were able to make it go away, and I will be signing their praises from the backs of my horses until my dying day.

Thank you Dr. Thyfault and Dr. Earl, from the bottom of my heart! You gave me back my life!

Laura H.

But We’re Not Done Yet

If you purchase your treatment NOW…because you are never going to see this rate again (before all of the available appointments are spoken for), we’re also going to take off an additional 9% for you …

Book Today At Never Before Seen Pricing for a Limited Time And While Appointments Are Available And Save Even More!

To Sum up the Single Joint Treatment Package:

  • History and Exam from World-Renowned Ozone/RenuO2 Denali Team of Doctors.
  • Analysis, Diagnosis & Review of Findings
  • Radiology Review (When Applicable)
  • One RenuO2 Injection for Fast Pain Relief

Total Value: $725 ($825 for back/necks) for just $299.97 / 399.97 for Backs and Neck Treatment

Save $425 Off The Clinic Price!

That’s $725 ($825 for backs/necks) worth of treatment (at Clinic Price Value) in this package. Anyone who wants to live without pain can…while we have appointments…your price is just $299.97 / 399.97 for Backs and Neck Treatment .

And why not take advantage of our special Glenn Beck Special by adding on your next two healing RenuO2 Injections, for a single low payment of just $449.97 / $549.97 For Back and Neck Treatment …That’s an additional savings of $50 off…Hurry! This is a Limited Time Offer!


This offer if extremely limited and only good while appointments last.

In fact, we only have a few of appointments left this month for this special, more-than-half-off offer for Glenn’s friends. I highly doubt they will last a week…because…this announcement is going out to Glenn’s huge listener base at this time.

Seriously, if you wait even a day or two, it may be too late! So, you’ve got to hurry.

Here’s The Deal For Glenn’s Special Friends

We have a few appointments for these amazing treatments and we’ve set them aside for our friends who want to be independent and start to take control of their health. But with Obamacare and the high co-pays and deductibles, you should contact us at once to schedule your appointment…before it’s too late and you have to wait months to see the doctors.

I invite you to call your personal patient advocate to ask questions and ask for more testimonials. We really love having the chance to chat with our patients.

We’re very easy to find once your appointment is made. We are right on South Medical Drive in Bountiful.

The Absolute Fastest Way to Book An Appointment:

To Schedule By Phone With Your Denali Personal Patient Advocate:

Call by dialing…




You really deserve to live pain free for $299.97. Remember, your price is $425 off the Clinic price of $725. I’m so convinced every reader needs this treatment, that I’ve arranged our lowest treatment prices ever.

We can’t wait for you to be pain free. Hurry in, alright?


Brett J. Earl M.D.

Denali Performance Clinic

P.S. One more thing. It’s very important. The word is spreading and we are booking fast. The best strategy is to book an appointment to experience this treatment yourself before deciding on surgery. Napolean says it well…”Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go in.”

Glenn’s Empower Yourself Health Packages

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